The Love Leighs combine the ukulele strums and stunning voices of Raina Leigh and Jessica Leigh, at times angelic and sultry, with the side-man stylings of guitar star Jimmie Dreams and the formidable Josh Flowers' upright bass to play award-winning, "new-timey" 20th Century American roots music. You'll think you've heard their songs before, though they are as fresh as the band's on-stage banter. Their tightly threaded two- and three-part harmonies, lively grooves, and Vaudevillian flair have been featured in world-wide syndication on the Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour, as well as on the foremost uke-centric web hub, They never fail to start toes tapping and get the dancers out on the floor, bringing you the twisted, delightful, dark, sizzling and sassy songs you've always longed for.

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